Added support for 3rd party OHCI cards. Firenet driver installation glitches in modified setup. Added trigger parameter set box, in the trigger dialog Fire-i application. September — Version 5. Ability to change the maximum address range size. April — Version 5. September — Version 2.

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Added support for optical cables and repeaters. Saving frames in Tiff16 format, the info was truncated to 8-bit Fire-iApplication. October — Version 5.

Unibrain Drivers & Downloads – Unibrain

NMI system crash on certain Xeon systems during isochronous transmit. April — Version 2. Support User mode for application development.

Firenet driver installation glitches in modified setup. This board is by default delivered with a build-in hardware key that unlocks Unibrains Windows drivers and acts as a license for FireAPI Development Unibrain fireboard 400.

Unibrain Industrial Cameras, FireWire Cards, FireWire Hubs

It is highly unibraij by Texas Instruments as the ideal software companion for their b chipset. Unibrain fireboard 400 application should remember last FPS selected.


Complete and improved redesign of the installation engine. June — Version 5. Added Fireviewer and FireCommander tools.

Fireboarde Pro Dual is ideal for multi-camera acquisition systems that require fast and reliable data transfers to the host system. World Wide Shipping Hours: Added unobrain for Windows Power Management. Support for FireWire Networking Firenet driver. Therefore we unibrain fireboard 400 now secure safe operation of our Firewire cable lengths up to 10 meters!

Maximum 64 adapters supported by all drivers in ubCore. Supports Kernel mode for driver development. Supports Windows NT 4. Added support for Windows 98SE. Added support for Windows Server Operating System.

Firenet networking driver removed from ubCore runtime, not supported anymore. Multiple freeing of Map Registers by ubohci.

ubCore(TM) 1394b drivers

January — Version 5. Added support for Windows ME.

Added support for SBP2 interface. December — Version 5.

Unibrain FireBoard 400 1394a Lynx-2 PCI Adapter (1701)

Unibrain fireboard 400 — Version 2. Cables Angled Cables 9-pin to 9-pin 9-pin to 6-pin 9-pin to 4-pin 6-pin to 6-pin unibrain fireboard 400 to 4-pin 4-pin to 4-pin Fiber Optic Cables More Cables Changing packet size in Format7, is not updated on the camera Fire-iX, Fire-i. April — Version 5. July — Version 3. Improved support for AVT Pike b cameras.