Where items in the printer driver are the same as those in the operator panel menus, and you print documents from Windows, the settings in the Windows printer driver will override those items in the operator panel menus. Holding it by its top centre, lift the cyan image drum, complete with its toner cartridge, up and out of the printer. Paper size should be the same as the page size of your document unless you wish to scale the printout to fit another Best for printing solid colours and tints, such as Company logos etc. Put the cartridge down gently onto a piece of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid damaging the green drum surface. Paper Recommendations Window envelopes are not suitable.

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Repeat for passwords 2 – okki. BIN file for each printer file added. Monitor k Perceptual Optimised for oki c5450 photographs. Don’t have an account? This is particularly useful if you do not have a oki c5450 set of replacement consumables to hand and you need to know how soon you will need them. This will protect the drums from excessive exposure to room lighting while you check the remaining areas for jammed sheets. NOTE This feature requires the optional internal hard disk.

Page 95 In the Define Overlays window, enter the name a and ID b of oki c5450 required overlay, and define which page s oki c5450 of your documents will use this overlay. Installing Upgrades The new overlays will now appear in the Defined Overlays list in the printer properties window. Monitor k Vivid Optimised for printing photographs, but with even more saturated colours than c54450 Monitor k Perceptual setting.


Page Lower the oki c5450 belt unit into place, with the lifting bar at the front and the drive gear towards the rear of the printer. Your results will vary c545 on the 5c450 and the conditions under which the photograph oji taken.

Gently shake the new cartridge from end to end several times to loosen and distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. On the Oki c5450 Settings tab, select the upgrade you have just installed from the list of Colour Menu OLOUR MENU The printer automatically adjusts colour balance and density at appropriate intervals, optimising the printed output for bright white paper viewed in natural daylight conditions.

Printing photographic images RGB oki c5450 Lift the right-hand end of the cartridge and then draw the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end as shown, and withdraw the toner cartridge out of the image drum cartridge. Documents sent in this way are protected by a PIN personal identification oki c5450which must be entered before they will print.

In particular, avoid office transparencies designed for use by hand with marker pens.

The Filter Printer Patterns dialogue box appears. Load letter c5540 paper face down and top edge towards the front of the oki c5450, as shown.

Oki 42126671, Image Drum Unit Magenta, C5250, C5450, C5510, C5540- Original

Page Put the cartridge down gently onto a oki c5450 of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid damaging the green drum surface. You might do this, perhaps, when the office is empty and your confidential oki c5450 can safely be printed remotely. Switch off the printer and allow the fuser to cool for oki c5450 10 minutes before opening the cover.


Paper is stacked in reverse order and tray capacity is approximately sheets, depending on paper weight.

Preface While all reasonable efforts have been made to make this document as accurate and helpful as possible, we make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein.

Remove the wrapping material and peel off the adhesive tape from the underside of the cartridge. When a colour page is detected the printer slows down to 16ppm for the rest of that job.

When done, click OK to close the printing preferences window. This can be upgraded by changing the 64MB oki c5450 module for oki c5450 optional memory module of either MB c54450 MB, giving a maximum memory capacity oki c5450 MB.

Please note that these tips are for guidance only. Adjust the rear stopper 1 and c545 guides 2 to the size of paper being used.

OKI C Yellow Toner

The rendering intents that oki c5450 printer driver provides are listed below: Page of Go. Handle the fuser with extreme care, holding it only by its handle, which will only be oki c5450 warm to the touch. In PostScript Emulation mode the job will be cancelled if timeout occurs. Lift each of the image drum units out of the printer and place them in a safe place away from direct sources of heat and light.