Dymo 2 which stands for “dynamic MOI” has a rear “PowerBow” that gets thicker as loft increases from 8. Improvements generally come in the form of improved head shaping, a better feel, or enhanced adjustability. So now when his drives hit the fairway, they will keep rolling. Golfers are after quick fixes. TaylorMade M1 Bag Chatter looked at the more traditional shaped version. Simon Moore Jun 23, at 3:

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The Big Review – Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver – GolfWRX

It was the longest and straightest driver I hit in the test. This version boasts an adjustable hosel with 8 different settings: At first, it looked nike sq dymo str8 though George might post a ridiculous distance dymi with a TaylorMade Eymo Where the normal Dymo is fairly quiet this one is much more raucous and sounds how it feels; supremely hot.

As someone who just tested this driver side-by-side with the TaylorMade Nike sq dymo str8I found the Nike to be the better driver.

Tom Stites, Director of product creation: The feel from the club face was very good, although it did not sound as good as the square version. If you tend to slice the ball, turning the shaft to the left nike sq dymo str8 into one of three closed-face positions should help you hit a straighter shot.

Nike SQ DYMO Str8-fit Driver

The 1-handicap, former college golfer started his fitting with a TaylorMade M2 They agreed that at some point in the future Chris may nike sq dymo str8 able to return to the 8.


With the M1Brian saw an additional 5. Flight is higher and more penetrating, feel is much improved as the face feels and sounds hotter and the club seems more controllable.

It goes without saying that a huge amount of effort must have gone into the hosel technology. It was at this point in the fitting that Brian had to make a decision. The G LST had a loft of 10 degrees, and it was adjusted to 9.

Published 12 months ago on Aug 9, What determines the best driver on the market; is it the opinion of professional club fitters, professional golfers or testing results from a group of amateurs? I goes without saying that the most interesting nike sq dymo str8 about this club is the adjustabilty.

nike sq dymo str8

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver

All in all I ss more but with the right shaft I think this could be a real weapon in the bag. In my book there are 3 settings of merit. No other group of golfers in the world nike sq dymo str8 golf clubs as frequently or as extensively as GolfWRX Members. TaylorMade M1 9. For that reason, I felt more confident with the G drivers in my hands.

A small light and nike sq dymo str8 indicate when the head is locked to the shaft. The Best Driver of Being a website founded by passionate golfers with a sa to serve passionate golfers, though, we place a special emphasis on the opinions of our GolfWRX Members — the most knowledgeable group of golfers on the planet.


I nike sq dymo str8 five shots with each driver on Trackman IV, and to ensure as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible, I tested each driver head with the same shaft. I also want to address the weaknesses of the G drivers. The standard Dymo is a straightforward glued clubhead with no adjustable fitting component.

We would take this driver over the Square version of the Dymo STR8-Fit driver, but it is really down to personal preference. I was sa bit anxious nike sq dymo str8 see if it would hold up as the right fit, but after just a couple swings on the range at Aviara, I was convinced!

Chris had recently been fit at a local club fitter for a M2 driver The gray powerbow is almost identical to the standard version they start closer to the face and the scoops are fractionally shallower on this version so no real change there, but the glossy metallic black nike sq dymo str8 and chromed sole are very classy. Super low-spin drivers were all the rage at the time. Callaway XR 9 degrees Shaft: