I tried something similar once – amusing for about half an hour and then forgot all about it: April 18, Chris. Thanks for watching and reading! Hi Sam, Great points and I’m glad you like it. I’ve knocked together a quick video to show everybody. It is pressure sensitive, the way I’ve used it, is with opacity for painting or dodging and burning – seems to work ok. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades:

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Hope it helps Stefan.

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I did Google but no results. I atblet the Medion md 85637 graphics tablet A4 tablet at my work and it was a pleasure to use Hyperlinks will mevion created for URLs automatically. I have only ever wanted a Wacom and any other cheaper brands feel like a load of crap in comparison. When you’re making selections, painting, drawing, etc, it feels so right. May 30, 2: My Photos On Flickr. Thanks for watching and reading! Last modified by MadSapper on 10 Jun June 5, Robert.


Where can I find one or what else will work with this one? June 14, WeeJamer.

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Also got one of those vests with a big bass transducer in to let you “feel” the gunshots etc in computer games. Neither a manual nor some better drivers seem to be avaiable for OSX. April 18, Chris.

The link you and I medion md 85637 graphics tablet dates some time tabllet, so might be By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. May 30, 8: Hi Chris, It doesn’t ship with any mac drivers, but a quick search on Google show’s there could be some solutions, but I couldn’t guarantee it.

View July’s Photo Month Calendar. Unless you’re running anything medion md 85637 graphics tablet XP. Why not join for free today? IE you can pick it up and place it back in a different place, and it works the same way a normal mouse would.

Subscribe by Email Free Too! In conclusion, 856377 sensitive and accurate, doesn’t jump or skip or anything. Otherwise this might be worth a look. Maybe the sticker on the backside of the tablet usually there medion md 85637 graphics tablet one can also provide some informations. Jun 1, 1: Your mouse keeps working at the same time as the tablet, so I tend medion md 85637 graphics tablet use the Tablet for editing, then switch to my proper mouse for other stuff but you could replace your mouse altogether if you wanted toor if you have room on your desk, just lie it down and work on it like that instead of on your lap.


Follow Me On Twitter. August 8, Claire Boaden.

MEDION MD 85637 USB Graphics Pad P46000

All the functionality and quality you’d expect. If you’re looking for something cheap for an older computer, try it. Sometimes the drivers work, sometimes they don’t, then the screen resolution always messes with the sensitivity. And a Mathmos lava lamp for a graphucs. But the included mouse works in relative mode.