Understood This website uses its own cookies so that you have the best user experience. Evidence from a structural model. The impact of globalization on the composition of government expenditures: Income Inequality, Capitalism and Ethno-linguistic Fractionalization. Our findings suggest that there is a structural change after IT adoption.

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Moreover, consistent with our model, international trade is not a vehicle for the diffusion of economic reforms, rather the most important mechanism is geographical or cultural proximity.

For the low inflation sample pe- riod, inflation expectations are more affected by shocks to perceptions than vice versa, but Granger causality runs from expectations to per- ceptions.

Negotiations between more open and richer countries are also finished more quickly. How is real convergence driving nominal convergence in the new EU Member States?

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We compare forecasts from different adaptive learning algorithms and calibrations ap- plied to US real-time data on inflation and growth. The Emancipated Society is a prescription for a ‘just process’ in politics and economics. The boundary discontinuity design BDD corrects for unobservable location characteristics such as environmental amenities or the access to public goods and thereby reduces the estimated response of housing prices by one half compared to conventional estimates: Finance and income inequality: Oxford University Press, Using firm-level survey data levied before and after the vote, we examine whether firms that reported to be affected by the induced policy uncertainty have revised their investment plans differently from those that did not perceive an increase in uncertainty.


Moreover, individual expectations are found to be more accurate after an update and forecast accuracy is affected by inflation volatility measures and news regarding inflation. New evidence using real-time data.

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A note on the representative adaptive learning algorithm. The causes and consequences of IMF conditionality. Aargauer Zeitung AG, Furthermore, the regular updating procedure preserves the leading properties of the composite indicator with respect to the reference time series, as compared to the same composite indicator without such updates.

Does aid for education educate children?: For instance, hotels in cities benefitted from the tournament as they were able to raise prices and thereby increase profits.

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IMF and economic growth: Understood This website uses its own cookies so that you have the best user experience. Exploiting the fact that different regions in Switzerland were differentially exposed to ICT due to their pre-ICT industrial composition, we present evidence suggesting more exposed regions experienced stronger growth in relative employment and wage premia for highly skilled workers between and In Switzerland a sudden policy uncertainty shock happened in February with the close and largely unexpected acceptance of 335 referendum aiming at limiting free movement of persons.

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Standard or bilingual printers of various technologies: Using the microdata of the Michigan Survey of Consumers, we evaluate whether U. Why Does Unemployment Hurt the Im;act Rejecting rationality, we find that perceptions, but not expectations, are affected asymmetrically by news, where media effects are generally stronger in times of high and volatile inflation. The referendum is vaguely formulated and its actual consequences are largely unknown. The View from the Stock Market.

Economic Policyvol. Lock, stock, and barrel: I then account for measurement error, first by estimating an improved measure of the persistent and transitory part of inflation based on a factor model. KOF Studienvol.

The impact of political leaders’ profession and education on reforms. Bull SignumSignum ,Adatto per: German Economic Reviewvol.