They do it partly because it is a buisness model of getting money from people for it more than the security at this point. Page 1 of 4. For example some internet memes include deliberate misspellings of words, as well as variations on pictures: Which brings a 3rd way of preventing the theft of software: It does seem odd that every time someone cracks the code, we have to pay again! Do cars require you to pay for locks separately? Boom Virtual Instrument was “Unauthorized” during virtual instruments download.

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Seth Munson How do Amber Lamps? Boom Virtual Instrument was “Unauthorized” during virtual instruments download. I’m sure they don’t cake the ilok company for messing up, why should we? Do cars require you to pay for locks separately? I know a few people who were using early cracked stuff and when pro tools 11 came out and being AAX only, they were stuffed and had to buy the software anyway from scratch. Ffake Posted by danyg.

Oct 10, Messages: That is more than can be said about many digital musical instrument products. This site is supported by the advertisements on it, please disable your AdBlocker so we can continue to provide you with the quality content you expect.


There is simply no excuse for using such an antiquated and totally non–customer friendly method to authorize and protect software at this point in time. Mar 7, Messages: Send a private message to guatamas. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Something like that, like Microsoft does. Then I said screw UA and their huge expensive hardware dongle.

Sep 7, Messages: Jun 8, Messages: I’m glad that the KPA is probably not going to become a plug in so our investment is safe there. Dan Ariely is an interesting scientist Duke professor of Behavioral Economics who does studies on these things to see what exists and what assuages bad habits in humans.

ilok 2 got cracked

Does this essentially mean I could run it on one of my macs and then use the studio Mac or laptop etc at any point to access the ilok? But it is essentially the same deal as iLok.

The only business model that works a bit against piracy is subscription-based stuff, in my opinion, and even those can be found in older versions. Interesting but I have to wonder how long before Avid puts out a cease and desist order like they did for the SugarBytes aax wrapper?


Oct 28, Messages: There will be cracked afke out there on the day of release or even before which must be heartbreaking and bank breaking!! I am not sure if there is another one.

iLok2 DRM System Appears to Have Been Cracked – TorrentFreak

And the Internet does make you think everyone else is stealing MP3’s and cracked software so it’s an enabling situation. I am too weak to keep shaking. Feb 10, Messages: Find all posts by made. I wouldn’t want to be the professional using cracked software when they’re at my door to check for pirated stuff. Originally Posted by made.

There are enough good ways to address this issue in a consumer friendly manner that this is simply stupid and outdated at this point. I won’t use any software that requires a dongle key period.

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Take away the Internet from them! Otherwise my viewpoint may have differed. Feb 11, Messages: