Shon previously posted that you can use the functionality described here: When this server is configured to accept HTTPS connections, this is the path and the name of the keystore file. The driver uses the specified access token URL, ID and password for authentication when processing the request. Entitlements standardize a method of recording this information on objects in the Identity Vault. The init parameter is the string that is passed to the init method of your class, so you can put any information here that you want to use during your class initialization. However, you might want to create a DriversUser for example and assign security equivalence to that user.

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NetIQ REST Driver Implementation Guide |

Nothing worse than having to use some asp. Click the icon to configure resource poll. Next up, can I even do what I am trying? The parameter must be a key-value pair. movell

Select the method for authentication with the RESTful service. The driver listens on this address for incoming requests, processes the requests, and returns a result.

The two authorization grants supported by the REST driver are resource owner password credentials and client credentials.

Subscriber Settings Authentication Method: Proceed to Section 3. Uses the user name and password of the resource owner as authorization grant to obtain an access token. Polling interval in minutes: These changes may be incorporated in new editions of this document. To use the driver, you must reactivate it. Government prime contractor or subcontractor at any tierin accordance with 48 C. Notify the user of password synchronization failure via e-mail: For example, if you were writing your own class that implemented the DocumentModifiers interface, and you named your class MyDocumentModifiers within a package called com.


Or is it assumed, when used in this context to use the engines process space and thus co that is presumed? You can define the values that must be queried for from the connected system in these entitlement objects.

Hierarchy For Package com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.ssl

Driver configs movell made to configure the driver meaning the shim and you are tal Since I am providing command line parameters, how much do I need to provide? By default, it is set to Yes, which allows reconciling of all custom entitlements. However, if you want to force both client and server to present certificates during the handshake process, you should require mutual authentication.

Click the icon to add rest custom handler information.


The attribute-value pair in the URL token element replaces this placeholder. Can I read a value nrs the driver configuration?

As much as Shon tells me not too, I still think of nodesets as the text representation of them, and work best with that approach. The driver provides the following key features: Therefore, ensure that new users are added to the Publisher channel after the first polling cycle completes.


Java Exception ocijdbc11 by starting JDBC driver

Specify the heartbeat interval in minutes. In Windows, this nss often C: Includes the placeholder provided in the driver configuration for resource. The new custom entitlement and the corresponding resource object is created in the Resource Catalog. The Driver Parameters let you configure the publication method and other parameters associated with the Publisher channel.

When this server is configured to accept HTTPS connections, this is the key alias password not cmo keystore password. Connect To Remote Loader: That way we are not messing about with the quirks of the imagaer screen and its attempts to write this back, because quite often to get these to work we have to restart tomcat anyway