Fixed in Network Advisor. You can specify any available port number. Errors during test connection or when adding a switch or fabric: In the Validation window, click Next. The run ID for the probe is x , the job ID is x , the status of the process is 4, and the return code is 1.

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Log on to the Analytics probe server through an SSH client like putty using the following credentials:.

Management Software

Ensure that the CSV file is in a specific format. SAN Discovery setup or Performance with read-only permissions.

The error messages presented in Spectrum Control depend on the specific action, but in all cases they give an indication that a connection could not be established or that no agent is available. BTADSE The data can’t be collected by the probe because the data collector or the storage resource that is being probed isn’t available. In the Brlcade window, click Next. The user must have Area of Responsibility as All Fabrics and bdocade least one role: Open a web browser, and then enter the following URL in the address bar to log on to Infrastructure Analytics Advisor server:.

If you are running Network Advisor on a VM, make sure you have dedicated resources for it according to brocadde Network Advisor documentation. In the Status window, in Actionclick Start to begin collecting data. To start collecting these metrics, you need to enable the data collection on the Analytics probe server.


Adding Brocade FC Switch (BNA) probe – Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Can you telnet to the Network Advisor server and port and show that the port is listening? Contact and feedback Need support? Collecting optional metrics for Brocadf Network Advisor probe. Can you connect between the Spectrum Control server and Brocade Network Advisor server with other applications?

For example, if you have switches and out of these you want to monitor 60, you can specify these switches in the CSV file and import it to the probe. The data collection of the following switch port metrics are disabled by default.

Enter the following information to log on:. In the Administration tab, select Resource Management. Click the Server Status icon. Make sure these are correctly specified between the applications. Add Switch or Add Fabric Test Connection for a previously added switch or fabric Run Fabric Probe Performance monitoring data collection The error messages presented in Spectrum Control depend on the specific action, but in all cases they give an indication that a connection could not be bnna or that no agent is available.

The imported switches are listed in the Select switches for data collection section.

In the Choose switches for data collection window, select the switches that you want to monitor. Start the megha service using the command:. Start collecting information about your system resources by adding probes to the Analytics probe server.


Spectrum Control If you’ve enabled SSL and are using https to connect, is mutual authentication disabled in the Authentication tab? Below are some examples of those errors.

Adding Brocade FC Switch (BNA) probe

To override this setting, clear Include Switches that are added in the future. Watson Product Search Search. If you’ve checked the items above and still can’t connect, you might be hitting one of a couple known defects with the Network Advisor SMI Agent.

Start the crond service using the command:. Connect failed When failing to connect, you might also see the following error in dmSvcTrace. If mutual authentication is enabled for either, the connection will fail with an SSL certificate error.

IBM Resolving communication issues with Brocade Network Advisor – United States

This is a set of items to check to help you do some basic troubleshooting to identify and resolve the most common errors that occur. Verify that the resources monitored by the probe appear and bja ready to be analyzed by Infrastructure Analytics Advisor server. To view the status click the Details option.