Select an original type when scanning special documents. Select whether to scan the front and back sides of an original automatically. Even folded originals, the original size can be detected accurately. Select this option if you scan two-page spreads such as book and catalog separately into the left and right pages, or scan a page spread as a single page. If you select [ON], the text is extracted from the original and converted into a vector image.

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Select whether to distribute and print a received fax when this machine is used as a fax relaying station. Select a file type to forward a fax.

Main Features – bizhub /// | KONICA MINOLTA

Environmental Consideration Konica Minolta understands that saving resources benefits both the planet and your bottom line. If this machine is used as a relaying station, it is possible to receive a fax from a remote machine and automatically relay it to multiple programmed destinations.

Specify a fxx destination for a received fax.

The solutions of i Find bizhub products and solutions for your office. Awards bizhub’s industry awards and accolades. Also enter the password.


Set a resolution to scan the original. This is helpful to prevent a fax from being sent to an incorrect destination.

Configuring the Fax/Scan Transmission Option Settings

Select whether to use F-Code TX. Faxing is possible without specifying a sender ID communication password. Learn about the technologies behind our award-winning MFPs and production pront systems.

What can bizhub do? Select a color mode for scanning originals. If you select [Not Specified], bizbub body specified by default will be inserted. You can select a print position and format.

Select whether to require the user enter a fax number twice to register it when, for example, registering a destination or forwarding destination. Select whether to show a list of specified destinations before sending a fax. Select whether to use this machine as a fax relaying station.

Enhanced Usability The bizhub series is equipped with a host of advanced fax features to keep information flowing and keep costs low. About Us Innovation History.

Enabling/Disabling the Fax Functions

How will bizhub change your workflow? Adjust the density Dark or Light to scan the original. Select the bizhkb appropriate for the contents of the buzhub, and scan the original with the optimum image quality. Forwards a fax to the fax number you enter. Software Learn about the full of PageScope management software. There is no need of entering the original size in advance but ADF will detect the size automatically. Sends one E-mail for each file. Used to convert the specified number of pages as a single file.


We recommend that an important original is converted to a PDF file that can be encrypted. Are you in United Bihzub Select this option if you scan two-page spreads such as book and catalog separately into the left and right pages, or scan a page spread as a single page.

Click [Search from List], and select a destination E-mail address from the list. Select whether to blzhub the user to enter a fax number twice to send a fax by directly entering the fax number.